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Integrated POS Solution
-- Restaurant/ Food Court
-- Mart/ Retail/ Logistics
-- Outlet/ Leased shop/ Commission shop/ Duty Free Shop
-- Whole Sale/ Staionary Shop
-- Muti Shop/ Compex Mail
-- Theme Park/ Tickesting Shop
-- [ Mobile Breaking News ] Shop Status, Sale Breaking News OS, Device, Size Limit less
-- [ Smart OK ] My Dishes' Cooking Status
-- [ Smart Order/Sell order] Employee can order directly with Android Devies
-- [Coupon Printer ] Colour Coupon Printer
Zeus is the Pos Solution that can use All of Business type (and/or) . 
It’s a global Point of Sale system , the Korean,English and Chinese are selectable Implemented as a Dynamic.

Mã SP: Integrated POS Solution
Loại: --- Integrated POS Solution
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